Introducing Infinix ZERO 4 And Zero 4 Plus – The Pro!

When it comes to the mobile industry in Pakistan, there are mixed choices seen in the consumers. Depending from person to person, the choices vary. One thing is certain – Pakistanis love smartphones and each time a new model comes it, the thrill in Pakistanis is unreal.

One of the brands that is taking the Pakistani smartphone users’ industry by storm is Infinix. Providing their exquisite smartphones in 20 countries around the world, Infinix challenges the competitors after releasing two strong beasts as their flagship models – Zero4 and Zero4 Plus.


The excitement among Pakistani smartphone fanatics was seen on the launch event that took place in Karachi and the social media masses were seen engaging regarding the smartphone with the trend of #ShakeItUp.

With the aim to target the needs of personal and professional lifestyles of the consumers, Infinix has added the latest handset with the most advance software and hardware.


As the trend #ShakeItUp speaks for itself, Infinix has upgraded the photography feature by adding 16 megapixel back camera along with f/2.0 lens. On the other hand, the front camera, being a major asset to the masses today has OIS – Optical Image Stabilization and 8-megapixel camera. Along with this, the front camera also comes with the options of 4.0x sharper zoom and laser auto-focus.



What is the point of having an amazing camera, but lack of storage? Having that said, when it comes Infinix, you won’t face any such issue. Zero4 Plus comes with the configuration of 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. With an amazing camera that gives you the opportunity to shoot HD pictures, this is the processor and storage capacity you need.

Pro Manual Adjustment

Photographers are always looking for ways to use their smartphones to take quick snaps. However, a number of these photographers are rarely satisfied with the results they get.Keeping that mind, Infinix offers Pro manual adjustment camera interface in ZERO4 Plus and ZERO4. From the automatic adjustments to the manual ones, you can choose the features as per your choice. The manual settings include:

  • ISO
  • Brightness
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture

Infinix has totally challenged other smartphone providers by releasing this powerhouse beast!





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