Kurkure’s #TerhaHaiPerMeraHai – A Constant Reminder of What Friendship Is!

My mother always tells me that no matter how busy you are, your true friends will never forget you. Despite being in the mid-50s herself (MashaAllah) and having a busy life with two married daughters and two unmarried children and a husband, of course, my mother is still friends with her friends, those with whom she shares a friendship with as many years as my age (and that’s a lot).

Sure, I hear her old stories and quarrels she had with them, but over the course of these years and despite being in different cities, she is still friends with them, knowing how they may disagree on so many things.  But you know what? That’s the beauty of friendship!

The new Kurkure ad with their evergreen tagline of Terha Hai Per Mera hai constantly reminds me of how we may share the differences with our friends, but we love them with all our heart. We may fight a lot, we may not talk for days and we may even hate each other when we see them grow close to someone else, but there’s always a special place in our hearts which is for them only.

The ad in which a friend tells a lie just to save a seat for his friend reflects how just sitting next to him means so much to him and that just reflects on the silly things we do for our friends.

The friendship ended is a lovely bond and Kurkure’s new ad reminds you to text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. 🙂


Bidding Farewell to the Heart of the Employees – Shahbaz Maqsood of Jazz Leaves the Company and he Will be Missed!

Shahbaz Maqsood Khan, the formidable Director Brands and Communications of the biggest telecom brand of Pakistan, Jazz has moved on to newer avenues.
The portfolio of his achievements during his two-and-a-half-year stay is very impressive. Under his leadership, Jazz overturned its slide into becoming the market leader in terms of sales and subscriber growth. He architected and executed the re-emergence of Jazz as an umbrella brand to different verticals and setting the course for its digital ambition.
WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 5.29.40 PM
Within the organization, he was instrumental in removing red-tapism and creating a more productive, effective and streamlined marketing department. Handling the media, he brought in cost-effective and fruitful strategies to make Jazz a brand on top on everyone’s mind. He expanded the brand’s scope from being a mere commercial entity to a more altruistic corporation with a purpose. A marketer par excellence, the brand won PAS awards year after year under him.
Mr. Khan led the way to the highly successful collaboration with Lahore Qalandars which led to the world’s largest cricket talent hunt initiative Jazz Rising Stars. The award-winning initiative has changed the fate of aspiring cricketers who are bringing fame to the country. He played an instrumental role in the merger between Jazz and Warid and its ongoing transition, making it the most loved digital company. Fearless and strategic, Shahbaz Maqsood Khan has played a pivotal part in the launch of Veon, a global platform that is changing digital lifestyles of Pakistanis.
Diligent, dedicated and a thoroughly experienced professional, Shahbaz Maqsood Khan has been a great asset for Jazz and his expertise would be missed.

#SooperHaiPakistan – Pakistani Brand Creates a Record on the Independence Day!

This year marked the 70th birthday of the country which came into being after much struggle. Celebrating the independence of Pakistan, Pakistan’s favorite cookie brand Peek Freans made sure we honor this day with full momentum.

Sooper is Pakistan’s highest selling biscuit for all the right reasons – our chai cravings are incomplete without a plate filled with these delicious butter cookies. The label “sabse agay, sabse ooper Peek Freans Sooper, Peek Freans Sooper” embeds in the hearts of those who not only love these cookies but also admire the memorable campaigns the brand has presented in the past.

Continuing their legacy, Peek Freans Sooper came up with another campaign called Sooper hai Pakistan in the honor of celebrating another year of Pakistan. The EBM family did the impossible on this day by formulating a record – a Guinness World Record of the World’s Largest Cookie Mosaic in shape of Pakistan’s flag!


Local public figures such as Younis Khan, Hareem Farooq, Osman Khalid and Shoaib Akhtar made an appearance in the initiative to mark this prestigious moment.


“We are a nation that is continuously rebuilding, reshaping and pushing forward – no matter what the odds. Our campaign, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’ seeks to highlight this national positivity by disseminating content that is the exact opposite of what the popular media continues to cover.” – said Dr. Zeelaf Munir, EBM Managing Director, and CEO.

Safety and hygiene were of paramount importance and the team ensured that the strict quality standards employed by Peek Freans were followed throughout the process. The record building process was overseen by independent witnesses including a health and hygiene inspector and a surveyor from Islamabad).

It is indeed an honor to have witnessed such a record in Pakistan. Kudos to Peek Freans and Sooper biscuit!

Mi Xiaomi Winning the Hearts of Pakistanis – Launching Newest Smartphones!

KARACHI, Aug 27, 2017— Xiaomi’s official distributor Smart Link Technologies announced the fast sold out for the latest innovative products Mi 6, Mi Max 2 which was launched a week ago during an event at Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi.

Known worldwide as the mastermind behind quality, innovation, and creative thinking, Xiaomi has once again revolutionized the way Pakistanis utilize smart phone technology. Keeping the company’s value driven strategy alive, Smart Link Technologies, the official distributor of Xiaomi, has launched two latest smartphones Mi 6 and Mi Max 2, and a bucketful of Mi Ecosystem products throughout Pakistan starting Aug 21.


All these products are available on and

Director Marketing, Mr. Ahmed Butt said “Xiaomi is bringing their flagship smartphones for the first time in Pakistan. We have no doubt that these flagship phones are going be the disruptor in the market for bringing the most innovative technology at such an amazing price.”

Priced at Rs. 46,999, Mi 6 is a performance beast powered by the Qualcomm’s lightning-fast Snapdragon 835 and a startling 6GB RAM. The four-sided curved glass body and stainless steel frame house a gorgeous 5.15″ display.


Mi 6 comes with wide angle and telephoto lenses used to incredible effect, particularly the ability to shoot beautiful portraits with out-of-focus backgrounds. The two lenses allow Mi 6 to calculate what is in the foreground and what is in the background, creating a depth of field effect that typically requires a DSLR camera to achieve. In addition, an improved Beautify mode that makes selfies look more natural now works with the rear camera on Mi 6. Mi 6 also features 2x optical zoom, which makes sure photos of distant subjects remain clear, while the 10x digital zoom is also supported. Mi 6 also comes with four-axis OIS so images and videos remain sharp, reducing the effect of hand shake or motion.

Xiaomi and Smart Link have also launched Mi Max 2 with a Rs. 34,900 in Pakistan. With a 6.44-inch supersized screen, Mi Max 2 is perfect for watching movies or TV shows on the go. In addition, the dual speakers on Mi Max 2 intelligently activate in landscape orientation, transforming it into a mobile theater with an immersive audio experience.

Thanks to MIUI optimizations, Mi Max 2 is great for use in any situation. With “One-handed mode”, which is a feature that makes the usable display smaller, users can still navigate with ease using just one hand. With “Split screen”, two applications are able to run in the foreground, letting users make full use of the large 6.44-inch display. For instance, a user can watch a video using the top half of the screen while replying to messages in the lower half.


Mi Max 2 is powered by a massive 5300mAh two-day battery, which provides up to 18 hours of video playback, 21 hours of GPS navigation, or 57 hours of talk time. The huge battery means that Mi Max 2 can even charge other smartphones connected to its USB Type-C port. Despite the large capacity, Mi Max 2 is able to charge 68% in one hour as it supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 with parallel charging, which allows fast charging while controlling temperature increase.

Mi6 and Mi Max 2 are very strategic models for Mi. These are high-end models with best in class features and extremely competitive prices. With strong products like these, Mi is surely destined to create waves in the industry.” Director Sales and Strategy, Mr. Zain Aftab said.

Smart Link has also introduced lots of amazing Xiaomi eco products including high capacity Mi Power banks, Mi bands, Headphones and Earphones, Mi Bluetooth Speakers, Desk Lamps, and the Amazfit PACE.



Lays – The Flavors Your Life Need!

When it comes to different flavors in chips, hands down, Lays Pakistan wins the race. Every now and then, the international chips chain comes up with something new for the consumers. Started off with the typical French Cheese, Masala flavors – now two new flavors are making their way to the stalls of our supermarkets.

Introducing, Lays Mexican Paprika and Thai Chilli

Two New Flavors!

Life Need Flavors – the tagline while introducing these two flavors adds much to the fact that we need new flavors when it comes to these scrumptious chips. Being done with the typical flavors, the two new flavors by Lays offer the authentic taste of paprika and chili.

Lays is perhaps one of the most edible snacks preferred by Pakistanis. During tea time or while watching a movie with your best friends, a bowl full of Lays compliments with everything. With these new spicy flavors, you sure will add flavor to your life!

The Success of EFU Life’s Meri Shaan, Mera Pakistan Campaign!

EFU Life, the leading life insurance provider in Pakistan is committed to serving the people of Pakistan and believes in giving back to the society through its various CSR initiatives.


‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ is a CSR initiative by EFU Life in collaboration with Commissioner Karachi Division to reclaim the walls of major public areas of the city through thematic wall art and aims to eradicate wall chalking and negativity on walls.

EFU Life inaugurated ‘Meri Shaan Mera Pakistan’ in 2016 on Pakistan’s Independence Day, and after the successful completion of two wall beautification projects in Karachi, at Ayesha Manzil and NCC Sports Complex, the Company has now extended this campaign to a third location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden East.

The campaign rejoices the spirit of patriotism and depicts the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. Celebrating the cultural diversity of its people and yet unified under the nation’s flag is the underlying theme of the campaign.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Mr.Taher G Sachak, MD & CEO, EFU Life said ‘I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Commissioner Karachi and his team for their support, and commitment to partnering with us to make this project a success. He emphasized that we as Pakistani’s need to take ownership and responsibility for our country.


There is a lot that we need to be proud of, and it’s important to bring forward the positive mindset about our rich cultural heritage especially in the youth today. What makes this campaign truly unique is not only the underlying message of patriotism but the involvement of the youth, with active participation from the students of different universities to execute the project. He also added, that ‘the company is further exploring avenues of executing such projects in other parts of the country. ‘

PR Image.jpg

Mr.Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Commissioner Karachi commended this collaborative effort and stated ‘such beautification projects are essential for enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the city.  Aga Khan Park is the third project that we have collaborated on with EFU Life and other corporate entities must come forward and take a disciplined approach to CSR initiatives. I urge all stakeholders to join hands with the administration to bring back colors to the city of light.’

EFU Life has partnered with ‘Abdoz Arts’ on this project, an organization which aims to reclaim the public spaces of Pakistan through fine arts.


Meri Shaan, Mera Pakistan – A Message for Pakistanis!

The beauty of any city is known by its infrastructure – while the roads may be clear, the walls with graffiti and public messages ruins the essence of any area. Crossing by the roads, we see awful political messages on the walls, advertisement slogans and what not.

It is the duty of Pakistanis to focus on how we can make our country beautiful – but we never pay attention to it. Roads are dirty, streets are filled with litter, the beauty of the sea is ruined and the walls are painted awfully by locals. To play the role of being the caring Pakistani, EFU Life Insurance launched the campaign #MeriShaanMeraPakistan, encouraging local painters to beautify the walls of the roads.

Last year, the same project the covered walls at Ayesha Manzil and National Coaching Centre, an area of a 2000 sq.ft and a 3000 sq.ft respectively.

This year, the EFU Life Instance extended the project and covered the newest location, the Aga Khan Park, Garden, opposite Ismaili JamaatKhana covering a space of over 7000 sq. ft.

These Are A Few Amazing Paintings by the Pakistani Talent!

For Amjad Sabri. ❤

It is indeed a great initiative by EFU, in the light of recognizing their CSR and doing something great for Pakistan.

God bless Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad!