Lays – The Flavors Your Life Need!

When it comes to different flavors in chips, hands down, Lays Pakistan wins the race. Every now and then, the international chips chain comes up with something new for the consumers. Started off with the typical French Cheese, Masala flavors – now two new flavors are making their way to the stalls of our supermarkets.

Introducing, Lays Mexican Paprika and Thai Chilli

Two New Flavors!

Life Need Flavors – the tagline while introducing these two flavors adds much to the fact that we need new flavors when it comes to these scrumptious chips. Being done with the typical flavors, the two new flavors by Lays offer the authentic taste of paprika and chili.

Lays is perhaps one of the most edible snacks preferred by Pakistanis. During tea time or while watching a movie with your best friends, a bowl full of Lays compliments with everything. With these new spicy flavors, you sure will add flavor to your life!


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